Materials 3 – Secondary English

1. Title your post appropriately (example: materials 1 for middle grades mathematics).

2. Your name: Bailey Smith

3. Name of the selected site:

4. LINK to the Resources (Be sure to hyper-link):

5. Source (Author or publisher if available): Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

6. Identify the teaching topic of the materials—be specific. Identify the student population including the grade and course:
I would use this activity as a conceptual unit for a ninth grade English class. For my unit, I would have students take a closer look at diversity and acceptance, whether that be through a racial, cultural, or personal level. Students will evaluate who they are, as well as establish an understanding of those around them.

7. Give a brief description of how the materials facilitate learning:
This particular assignment would really aid my students in gaining an idea of what makes them who they are, and how they contribute to the world around them. Students will use their journals to reflect on texts that we are reading in class, as well as evaluate their own personal opinions. My hope is that, through this activity, my students will establish a better understanding of not only their own self, but how they mesh with the different “selfs” they are surrounded by.

8. Explain why you would use this material with your students. How will the material help your students learn the topic? What do you expect them to know, understand, and be able to do as a result?
I would use this material because it’s encouraging students to be open and opinionated. It gives them the ability to (hopefully) show their true colors without any shadow of judgement. I will only read entries that they allow me to read. This assignment will help my students in gaining better insight into who they are and their opinions. I expect them not only to understand how to better free write, but to also be able to better interpret and convey their thoughts and opinions on paper.


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